I love Free Software and 2cmk are to blame for that!

I’ve been using free software from the moment I started using computers, of course, but as all people, I wasn’t aware of that. Than during university, we had a class where we studied Linux administration and installing etc., but for me it was just another operating system, another thing I needed to learn. No one explained to us what it represented and what it meant, and the ideology behind it.

Just a semester before finishing my studies, I started writing posts for it.com.mk as a way to make some money while studding, and they asked me to make a twitter account, so I can follow tech related news and the tech industry, local and foreign events etc. I did. Soon there was a call from a local hacklab asking for donations and money help to function, and that is how I got to know them and follow them all. Still, I wasn’t getting involved, just kept a close eye.

Just a little after @arangel retweeted the GNOME Women Outreach program call and it was something that fitted me well, so I sent some emails and arranged a meeting in the hacklab, one morning. Rest is history!

I got the internship (as part of GSOC), but the guys from hacklab are to get all the credit. They put up with me being confused about everything and all, teaching me fundamentals about everything tech as I still being a student knew something out of every subject, but I was expert or advanced in none. And they did that for months. What is really important, is that they, while teaching me the purely technical stuff about Linux and helping me with the programming, were insisting that I know and get familiar with the ideology and what stands behind Free Software, and why is it crucial to us. They gave me documentaries to watch, they talked, shared, repeated. And I thank them. I am a better person and hacker and have made friends for life.

I’ve been, using, promoting whenever I can and contributing to free software ever since. I stayed active in the GNOME community after my internship, did another one for a small organization called Ecidadania for GSOC 2012, and whenever I can where I work pushed code as free software on github. I installed so many Linux-es over the years that passed.


Happy hacking everybody and let’s keep up the good work towards digital liberation.

This post is inspired by @fsfe campaign:


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